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Online Courses – Coming Soon!

You can preview a sample lesson from our on-demand course by clicking the link below.

New online tutoring sessions with Mark Klimek.

Small batch classes of 40.

Work on NCLEX style questions with Mark to strengthen skills.

Small Group tutoring with Mark:
“For years, people have requested private tutoring from me. I would love to do that, but it is not possible or feasible. However, in our adaptation to COVID, I have discovered a way to provide small group tutoring to nurse graduates. Using Zoom Meetings, I will begin to offer 40 people THE OPPORTUNITY to spend three hours online with me.

I will go through questions. I will address your questions. It is not one-on-one tutoring, but it is very individualized and intensive. You may attend as many sessions as you wish. In each Level I will address new questions. There are 3 different tutoring Levels, each level repeating the same questions each time. So once you’ve taken a level, if taken again, you will see the same questions
This opportunity is open to national and international students!”

-Mark Klimek