See our Terms & Conditions to learn more about refreshing a Klimek Review and the terms & conditions around taking the review again as a refresher.

As always, you are able to attend a review again at no cost as a refresher as long as there is space available. If you would like to try for a “free” seat please arrive the day of to see if we have seats available or check the website to see if we are sold out.

In the event that we sell out a review, we will close that review to refreshers. If you do not want to run the risk of missing out on a seat in your chosen review date, we do have a limited number of “guaranteed seats” saved for refreshers. You can purchase one of these spots for a $25 non-refundable registration fee. This fee does NOT cover the cost of new books. If you wish to purchase new books on location, you may do so at check in the first day with Credit Card.

Do NOT purchase this ticket if you wish to attend a review for the first time OR if you DO not have a receipt from attendance.  You will be required to show proof you attended a review before entering into the review.

  • Prior to August 2017: You will have a tan hard copy receipt from your attendance.
  • After August 2017: You will be in our database. Please have your emailed receipt with either a Barcode or QR code (from the original deposit payment) we will use this to look you up in our system


  • If you cannot make the review, your ticket is non-refundable, however,  you can transfer into another review as a refresher by changing the date in your online account a week prior to the review. No changes can be made the week prior to your date and you will not be refunded at that point. To attend another review as a guaranteed refresher, you will need to purchase another ticket.
  • If you purchase this ticket option in error OR you are not eligible to attend the review as a refresher, you will not be refunded and you will not be permitted to attend…It is your responsibility to know if you are or are not eligible. If you have questions, email us previous to purchasing a ticket.
  • You can only purchase a guaranteed refresher spot in one review at a time. If the system allows you to register for more than one at a time in error, only the first ticket will be honored and the remaining tickets will be refunded to you and canceled.